We at Aditya Flexipack believe that when energy and natural resources are utilized in an efficient manner, both humans and nature live in harmony. Hence, at every step we ensure to have only positive impact on our environment and society. Responsibility towards corporate sustainability has always been our priority and we are proud to walk hands in hand with our environment and society.

Green Design

All our manufacturing units have a sustainable design, wherein products are manufactured in an economically sound process. Our consistent developments and technology upgradation ensures use of only high-end technology, thereby resulting in an optimum and efficient utilization of energy.

Aditya Flexipack is a HACCP certified organization. We installed fire safety devices at all critical points as safety is our utmos priority. Thus, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

Waste Management

We have an evolved and a highly responsible waste management system wherein all waste generated is reprocessed in-house to matain confidentiality.

Aditya Flexipack is a D2W certified (Issued by Symphony Environmental, UK) organization. By having a closed- loop production system, wherein the industrial output is capable of being recycled into another product; we ensure complete recycle and reuse of all our laminated waste by recycling it into small pallets. These Pallets are further used as binders in the construction of roads and help the roads to remain damage free even during the rainy seasons. Thus, helping us fulfill the cornerstone of sustainability- Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Water Conservation

All Aditya Flexipack facilities are equipped with rainwater harvesting systems. In an effort to conserve water we make sure that only optimum utilization of water is put in place, while also ensuring ‘zero contamination’ of water.

Air Pollution Control

Our Air Quality Index is constantly monitored and is always within the levels authorized by the government.

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